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Rapax 2+J airsoft sniper spring.

Thousands of happy users use our springs in their Silverback SRS/Tac41, Novritsch SSG10, SSG96, SSG96, …


Springs are 13mm outer diameter, so they fit all above mentioned sniper replicas.


Rapax 2+ J airsoft sniper spring is upgrade spring for Silverback SRS/Tac41, Novritsch SSG or VSR, and it will outperform any stock spring you can get for now on he market.

The first thing you will notice is a lighter pull compared to standard springs. In short: less effort for more joule. The Silverback 90Nm and Rapax 2+J spring need similar pull strength but the Rapax 2+J spring gives more FPS/joule in comparison.


Confirmed results for our spring 2+ Joule with a standard and upgraded Silverback SRS/Tac41. FPS and Joule may vary depending on the setup used on SRS, SSG24 or VSR-10.

We remind you that J is measuring just with heavy bb´s and not with 0.2. Also your hop up need to be adjusted for best bb flight and not set to zero.


We recommend for you to use Longbow SAP Lube on spring and spring guide.


Confirmed results of reaching 2+ Joule with a standard SRS/Tac41. FPS may vary depending on the setup used on SRS, SSG24 or VSR-10.

Results : 2+ spring gives between 1,9J (in 300mm barrel) to 2.7J for longest barrels.


Spring wire, used for production of our springs is of the highest quality spring wire, ensuring a prolonged period of usage compared to other springs. So far tests have proven more than 10.000 shots with one spring without losing strength.


Tempering of these springs is made in a way to guarantee a long lifetime and very small FPS/Joule loss over time.


Rapax handmade springs – made in Europe to give you the best and most silent results for your sniper.

RAPAX 2+ J Spring

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