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Please note: The Medusa will not fit under the Long Rail designed for the Polymer TAC-41


Welcome to the first in the long line of collaboration products with the great Snipermechanics.


Hadron Airsoft and Snipermechanics have worked on projects together for years, however, this is our first public joint product in the portfolio. Introducing The "Medusa" conversion, for the Silverback Tac41.


Medusa represents a primordial force of chaos and destruction, embodying the untamed and unpredictable aspects of the natural world. Her petrifying gaze can be interpreted as a reminder of the inherent danger and potential for devastation that exists within the natural order.


The Medusa system is a fine pitch hop wheel conversion for the Tac41. Suitable for AEG and GBB Silverback hop units.


Medusa consists of a fine pitch adaptor, high tensile fitting hardware, and the laser engraved tactile adjuster wheel which uses the stock silverback detention ball bearing.


The tactile feel of the Medusa is simply amazing, and intuitive. It's useable with bare hands to the leafiest ghillie gloves, yet still unobstructive to scopes.


Medusa conversion fits in seconds, removes in seconds, and can be removed if needed without upsetting the hop setting. Works fantastic with the stock Silverback nubs, the Chub nub, and the Hadron Tac Nub.


Medusa applies pressure to the nub from directly above, and not from one side or angle. This flat pressure approach leads to more accuracy in BB trajectory, and tighter grouping at longer ranges. This must be one of the simplest upgrades for the Tac41 sniper series

TAC-41 Medusa

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